On the Ice

Town: Belfast
County: Maine

Names of people involved:
Mary Weaver Dutch

Mary Weaver Dutch’s participation in her newest hobby of curling was cut short by a debilitating illness. 25 years after her diagnosis, she was given a chance to play again at a caliber greater than ever before. This is her story.

Artist Bio

Hi! I’m Harry Sultan, a proud New Yorker, avid scuba diver, and damn-good audio storyteller if I do say so myself. I went to Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs where I took classes ranging across many disciplines – drawing classes, economics, biology, and even a class exclusively about the Wizard of Oz, just to name a few. During a summer session at Skidmore I took an introduction to audio documentary course and fell in love with audio storytelling. With this new passion, my focus as I looked towards my life after graduation shifted. No longer focused on going into political marketing, I was dedicated to pursue a life of storytelling.

My first step in this quest was to apply to the Storyteller’s Institute; a fellowship program held at Skidmore College in the summer. I was accepted and a week after I graduated, began the program working alongside several accomplished documentary professionals as well as aspiring student documentarians. My project was to explore a wide cast of characters from Saratoga Springs’ past; mobsters who came up during the summer during prohibition era to run illegal gambling casinos that housed world-class entertainment and gallons of illegal booze. After a month of working on the project through the fellowship I came to the inevitable conclusion that I would need more training to be able to produce audio work at a professional level. Lucky for me, I had been accepted to study at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies in the radio track.

I am currently finishing up my time at Salt and will be leaving with a more robust portfolio and much stronger sense of how to put together stories for the ear. In the coming months I will delve back into my passion project about the mobsters in Saratoga Springs titled The Wheels Keep Spinning, the promo of which can be heard on my my website, harrysultan.com.