The Most Amazing Feeling in the World

Town: Kennebunkport, Springvale, Buxton

Names of people involved:
Larry Huntley
Danny McCormick
Nick McKenna
Hunter Ward
Chris McColes
Thomas Martin

Project description:
Short Documentary focusing on the professional wrestling circuit in New England. Through interviews with the wrestlers and footage of events, we begin to see what drives these men and what their hopes dreams and fears are.

Artist Bio

Gabe Coffey is a videographer from Philadelphia. He got his start making skate videos in high school, then transitioned to making short films in college. After a stint in Israel in 2011 working as a videographer and photographer for the Nu Campaign, an Israeli clothing line, he returned to the northeast and began a career contributing short-form content to Digital Marketing agencies. The work soon proved unfulfilling and he decided to attend the Salt Institute to further hone his storytelling skills. While video is his main medium, he prefers to work in the broader art of moving pictures (cinemagraphs, gifs, etc). He believes in the power of video to inform, educate and liberate. He hopes to put his new skills to work at a progressive news organization or educational institution.