Speaking to the Past

Town: Calais, Maine
County: Washington

Names of people involved:
Donald Soctomah
Dwayne Soctomah

In 2016, the earliest-known anthropological recordings were digitally restored and returned to their original owners: the Passamaquoddy people. This is a story about how the tribe is re-introducing these songs and stories back into their community.

Artist Bio

Erin Slomski-Pritz is freelance audio producer. She attended the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies in 2019. Erin began working audio a couple of years ago while interning at an audio arts company in Seattle. She went on to become a Morning Edition Host at KCAW, an NPR-affiliate station in Sitka, Alaska, where she also contributed stories to the station. Erin spent several years after college finding her way to radio, and in that time, she worked in social services, non-profit administration, and, higher education. Erin has a BA in English, and is interested in producing stories that borrow elements from fiction.