Dear Survivor

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This piece contains strong themes, including sexual assault of a child, and may not be suitable for young listeners.

During the heyday of the #MeToo movement, a writer who survived repeated childhood sexual assault is on the verge of reaching out for help for the first time. But she’s not finding her seat at the #MeToo table -- in fact, she doesn’t feel welcome there at all. Somehow this social movement, with inclusion at the core of its platform, is pushing some survivors even farther to the margins. Hear how this survivor has redefined “Me Too” for herself.

The article referenced in this piece is “Ugly Face.” It originally appeared in The Bollard, a local paper published out of Portland, Maine.


Artist Bio

Emily Vaughn is a storyteller in audio, design, and writing. She’s drawn to stories that get people to care about things they didn’t think they cared about. Her work tends to orbit around the natural world, agriculture, human rights, emotional intelligence, and design. She thinks her favorite color is green, but really it’s yellow. She is an avid hobby collector.