The Caretaker

Town: Cushing Island, (Portland) Maine
County: Cumberland

Names of people involved:
Danny Lapointe, Dottie O’Keefe

Project description:
As the Cushing Island caretaker, Danny Lapointe takes care of the seasonal cottages through the winter. He also keeps busy clearing snow and maintaining docks and equipment through the winter storms.

Artist Bio

Deb Dawson is an editorial photographer and videographer based in Portland, Maine. Topics of interest include social landscapes and stories told from the coast and far reaches of Maine.

Deb learned the vision and craft of photography at the Maine Photographic Workshops in 1991. This provided the foundation to continue a life of exploring archaeological photography in Carthage, Tunisia during summers while continuing to earn a B.F.A. at the University of Southern Maine. Combining photographic craft with the broader perspective of fine art and illustration allowed Deb to find a career in graphic design.

In 2018 it was time to return to the realm of documentary photography. Salt Institute for Documentary Studies provided the perfect environment to find one’s narrative voice and apply it to photography and short film.

It is with this new voice and vision in short film that Deb can continue to explore and present the stories of the maritime world and beyond.