Hate and Peace in Sand Hill

Other contributor names: Samira Tazari (assistant)

Town: Augusta
County: Kennebec

Names of people involved:
Amy Bai, Sosa Zayed, Randall Langley

In the middle of the night, flyers promoting the KKK were dropped in the Sand Hill neighborhood of Augusta, ME. Reactions to the flyers have varied; some people were surprised, some outraged, while some took it in stride. I toured the Sand Hill neighborhood of Augusta to see how people were responding to the presence of hate in their community.

Mr. Cribbage

Town: Topsham
County: Sagadahoc

Names of people involved: 
Ken Capron

Ken Capron is the organizer of the first annual Great State of Maine Cribbage Tournament. The tournament is a fundraiser for his non-profit, MemoryWorks, which connects people suffering from dementia and memory loss to resources and information. Ken is sharp witted and funny but he suffers from memory loss himself, which impacts his ability to play the game he loves so much.

Artist Bio

Chris Seigel is a farmer turned radio producer living in Portland, OR. He has been the producer and host of The Food Show on KBOO Community Radio for the last four years. In December of 2017, he graduated from the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies at Maine College of Art and is now embarking on a career in radio journalism/storytelling.