Alone in the Maine Woods

Town: Portland
County: Cumberland

Town: Harpswell
County: Cumberland

Town: Pownal
County: Cumberland

Names of people involved:
Darcy Starrett
Gareth Anderson
Lynnea Domienik
Barry Goldsmith

The woods in Maine are beautiful, but they can also be a dangerous place. Since 1972, Maine’s Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife has been distributing a small, blaze orange paperback called You Alone in the Maine Woods as a part of an ongoing effort to keep people safe. The book is small, hand-illustrated and decidedly old-school—but has won over the hearts of many people in the state’s outdoors community.

Artist Bio

Christian Buckler is an independent radio producer focusing on tech, design and the environment. Before studying at the Salt Institute, he worked for nearly five years in digital advertising at PMG, an award-winning international advertising agency. Christian regrets to admit that he is an only child, but can assure you that he still plays well with others.