Town: Portland, ME
County: USA

Names of people involved:
Bill Àjà, Lois Chazaud, + the artists at 75 State Street

Project description:
Bill Àjà never thought he could draw. It took a rapid decline in his ability to see – and a relocation to an independent living facility – to discover a talent, and passion, he’d had all along.

Artist Bio

Caroline Goddard is a documentary photographer co-based in Portland, Maine and Newport, RI. Her work – which investigates the humanism and place-based identity of vernacular space, cultural landscapes and stories of intentional living – has appeared in Le Figaro, T Magazine, Rookie Magazine and numerous regional publications in her native Rhode Island.

She received her B.A. in Visual Art from Brown University in 2010. In 2013, she co-authored the book Fly Rails and Flying Jibs: Coasting Schooner Photographs by Robert H.I. Goddard (Mystic Seaport Press), for which she photographed and digitally restored her grandfather’s medium format negatives of the demise of working sailboats in New England.

She went on to study fine art photography and printing at the Aegean Center for Fine Arts in Paros, Greece, and in 2015, interned as a photographer, French copy translator and English copy editor for the Musée national Picasso-Paris.

In her personal life, Caroline is a devoted dog mom, an avid gardener and a classically trained soprano who enjoys singing to her vegetable patch.