Next Whistle Starts the Jam

Town: Portland
County: Cumberland

Names of people involved:

  • Tiffany Kasper
  • Katelyn Payne
  • Heather Hudanish
  • Molly Sullivan
  • Kaiulani Anderson-Andrei
  • Melissa Buhelt
  • Michelle Lovejoy

A short film about the reasons players are drawn to the sport of roller derby, the power of the accepting and welcoming community they find, and an explanation of the rules and spirit of the sport.

Artist Bio

Alix Towler is a writer, artist, and documentary filmmaker from North Carolina. A former forensic social worker, Alix focuses primarily on issues of social justice but is also drawn to document the quirky, the novel, and the charming. Alix came to MECA as part of the Salt Class of ‘17 and lives in fearful anticipation of the Portland winter.