The Pine & Polaris

Town: Portland
County: Cumberland

Names of people involved:
Bethany Field
Chris Korzen
Eric Wittman

Maine’s state flag was voted one of the country’s worst by experts, but when a politician proposed reinstating the original state flag, a heated debate ensued. Ali Lemer looks at Mainers’ complicated feelings about their official symbols.

Artist Bio

Ali Lemer has previously studied radio with Rob Rosenthal at the Transom Traveling Story Workshop and Sally Herships at Union Docs, and produced an episode for the Webby Award–honored branded podcast I Travel For: A Podcast About Curiosity, Wonder, and Discovery. She writes travel guides for Lonely Planet and also co-edited a book of immigrant narratives called Joyful Strains: Making Australia Home. A native New Yorker and naturalized Australian, Ali has a master’s degree in Editing & Communications from the University of Melbourne. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.