For the 2019–20 Academic Year Annual
Tuition $35,694
Technology & Service Fees – MFA* $250
Studio Fee – MFA* $100
Transcript – one time charge $50
Mandatory Health Insurance $2,000

* Meal plan prices can be found at the bottom of this page.

Optional MECA Residence Hall Rates Per Summer
Single Occupancy $1550
Double Occupancy $1345
Housing Placement Fee (non-refundable) $100
Housing Security Deposit** $100

Refund Policy
Students who withdraw from the college during a trimester may be eligible for a refund. A refund is a reduction in the original tuition and housing charges, rather than a portion of the amount already paid to the college. The withdrawal date is established by the receipt of a written withdrawal notice by the Registrar’s Office.

  Summer Fall Spring                 Percentage of Refund    
Withdraw by 6.16.19 8.25.19 1.12.20  100%
Exit form filed by 6.25.19 9.3.19 1.21.20  75%
Exit form filed by 7.1.19 9.10.19 1.28.20  40%
No refund after 7.1.18 9.10.19 1.28.20  0%

*This will be charged on 1st semester invoice.

**This is a refundable security deposit for students applying for on-campus housing. The Housing Security Deposit, less any damages, will be returned at the end of the summer if the student billing account is current.

Financial Aid & Scholarships
MECA offers several types of financial aid to help offset the costs of tuition. Aid is in the form of merit grants and federal loans, teaching assistantships, scholarships and work-study opportunities. One hundred percent of MFA students receive at least one type of grant aid. For more information contact

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Leeanna Morris, MFA ’14, Accumulated Fellowship (detail), 2014, stoneware, enamel