The MFA Archive Project and Moth Press documents and publishes lectures, conversations and happenings inside the Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art Program at Maine College of Art & Design, from its inception in 1998 to the present.

The Archive is a growing collection of books, prints, photographs, recorded lectures, documents, transcripts, interviews and original works of art culled from exchanges with over 90 contemporary artists, curators and thinkers. Moth Press publishes these exchanges in the form of unique artist books, audio and visual recordings.

The aim of the MFA Archive Project and Moth Press is to be an educational research tool for students, faculty, alum and the public. To date, we have transferred 75 lectures and seminars by 52 visiting artists to DVD. These recordings are available for viewing in the MECA&D's Joanne Waxman Library and by appointment in the MFA office.

Lectures on DVD

Alex Coles
Alison Saar
Alix Pearlstein
Allison Smith
Amar Kanwar
Amy Yoes
Annette Lemieux
Beverly Semmes
Bonnie Marranca
Bracha L. Ettinger
Brian Conley
Carolee Schneemann
Cesare Pietrouisti
Charles Hewitt
Chuck Agro
David Lang
Dan Graham
Daniel Bozhkov
Dara Birnbaum
David Batchelor
David Driskell
Ernesto Pujol
Fred Wilson
Gideon Bok
Hal Foster
Hamza Walker
Harrell Fletcher
Hartley Shearer
J.Morgan Puett
Jane Lackey
Jason Lewis
Jason Simon
Jeanne Silverthorne
Jessie Shefrin
Joan Livingstone
Joan Retallack
John Schmor
Jeanne Silverthorne
Karyn Olivier
Katarina Weslien
Kathy Butterly
Katy Kline
Krzysztof Wodiczko
Lawrence Rinder
Linda Shearer
Louwrein Wijers
Lucy Lippard
Marcia Tucker
Mark Dion
Mark Wethli
Martha Buskirk
Martha Rosler
Mary Flanagan
Mary Jane Jacob
Mary Kelly
Mel Chin
Michelle Grabner
Michiko Itatani
Mike Bode
Ming Cho Lee
Mira Schor
Miwon Kwon
Nato Thompson
Nina Katchadourian
Peter Robinson
Portia Munson
Robert Storr
Rona Pondick
Rosamond Purcell
Saul Ostrow
Sean Foley
Shirley Kaneda
Staffan Schmidt
Suzanne Bocanegra
Suzanne Lacy
Tom Burckhardt
Tom Leeser
Ulf Rollof
Vito Acconci
Wenda Gu
Whitfield Lovell
Will Rogan
William Pope.L
Yvonne Rainer

Mapping the Intelligence of Artistic Work; An Explorative Guide to Making, Thinking, and Writing by Anne West

In partnership with MECA&D, Moth Press is proud to announce that this publication has garnered two prestigious awards:

  • Author Anne West received the 2012 John R. Frazier Award for Excellence in Teaching
  • Designers Stephanie Grey and Daryl Smith received the 55th Annual New England Book Show Award (Best in Category, Digital Books)

In this timely book West describes a technique she calls "mapping through writing" that encourages visual artists to ask strategic questions, approach problems, and catalyze creative thinking. The book is structured as a series of exercises and prompts that define the mapping process and introduce methods for artists to develop, articulate, and disseminate ideas. Mapping the Intelligence of Artistic Work was edited by Moth Press Director Katarina Weslien. According to Weslien, "Anne West has cultivated a flexible, non-linear writing approach for the artist-writer. Mapping the Intelligence of Artistic Work introduces multiple skill sets to stimulate creative thinking, raising connections to the surface by creating visual maps of interconnecting links. It is a book supportive of the making process, an invaluable tool for anyone interested in articulating the layers of meaning embedded in the process of making."

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A Conversation with Katarina Weslien & Anne West

Anne West is an educator, writer, and independent curator. She teaches in the Division of Graduate Studies at Rhode Island School of Design, where she supports students across disciplines in conceptualizing and writing their Master’s thesis. With research interests in phenomenology, poetics, mapping, and interpretive human studies, her work focuses on the nature of imagination, understanding, and being. West has a Ph.D. in Arts and Media Studies from the University of Toronto, Canada and is a Fellow of Syracuse University.

(Re) Making Performance

Conversations with Alison Knowles and Marina Abramovic
Is a collection of conversations regarding pedagogy and performance.

The Reinvention of the Truth of Gender
By Joan Retallack