Image of a statue of a woman's face in profile with a hand lifted to her ear. The text in the image says "Speak your Voice: Maine Art Education Association Spring Virtual Show 2021. Hosted by MECA."

Maine College of Art is proud to host Speak Your Voice: the Maine Art Education Association (MAEA) 2021 Virtual Spring Art Exhibition. MAEA members are invited to submit one piece of artwork beginning February 17, 2021 with a deadline of 5pm, March 15, 2021. Submission is open to any art educator who is a member of MAEA.

Open Call for Art

The exhibit will run from April 15, 2021 through May 9, 2021 on the MECA website.

Dear Art Educators,

This call for art is an invitation to share the ways your creativity has emerged in response to a challenging time. The theme is intentionally open-ended so that you will feel confident 'Speaking Your Voice' and sharing with the larger community the importance of art as a means to unite, provide hope, and create positive change.  

We welcome you to participate in this inaugural online MAEA 2021 Virtual Spring Art Exhibition. It is our hope that by taking away the barrier of location,  the silver lining of having an online exhibit is that more art teachers throughout the state will participate. Now more than ever, it is vital that art teachers model for their students the value of creativity as a form of self-expression and social change. Making art during the pandemic is also a tool for social-emotional well-being as we grapple with the stress of adapting to a very different world,  new schedules, and one too many Zoom calls. All artists in the exhibit will have an opportunity to sell their work and can include a link to their personal websites or online art portfolios to further promote your art.

The Maine Art Education Association (MAEA) is a statewide professional organization whose members are committed to excellence in visual arts education. Maine College of Art's Master in the Arts of Teaching Program is pleased to host this year's virtual exhibit, which reflects the ways in which educator/artists have channeled their creativity in response to these challenging times, in partnership with the MAEA.

Please review the following Frequently Asked Questions and Submission Guidelines before submitting.


What Are the Submission Requirements?
  • Artist must be a current MAEA member.
  • Submit only one piece of work. All media is accepted and encouraged, both two-dimensional and three-dimensional. Submissions must be photographed and will be exhibited in two-dimensions only. See photography guidelines below.**
  • By submitting a piece of work, artists are confirming that the artwork is within their right to distribute and is exclusively their own original design and concept.
  • Please title all images LASTNAME.TITLE. JPG and PNG files are accepted. Images should be sized at 72 dpi and approx. 1,500 pixels on the longest side. Multiple images are allowed for three dimensional works.
  • Artworks submitted without the above information and/or not meeting photo/ file guidelines may not be considered.
How Are Pieces Selected For The Exhibit?

As long as all submission requirements are met, anyone submitting who is an active MAEA member will have one piece chosen for the exhibit. You may send us up to three images in the form linked below. By submitting, the artist declares that the piece submitted is their unique creation and intellectual property and that they are providing express consent for the pieces they submit to be exhibited in the Speak Your Voice MAEA Spring Virtual Show 2021 on MECA's websites and in any marketing materials MECA may use to promote the show on behalf of MAEA. Please note that it is MECA's policy to always credit artists for their work in any materials we use for promotional purposes. Grainy, poorly-lit images or images that contain illegal activities cannot be accepted for exhibition. In the event that you submit a piece with poor image quality, every effort will be made to request a new image from you.

Photographing Your Work for Submission

We sure do! In response to the pandemic and our immediate shift to online programming in the Spring of 2020, Maine College of Art has worked with the greater artistic community to capture and catalogue the best practices for digital arts curation. Click here to download a PDF handout with some helpful tips and resources to ensure you get the very best photo that you can to represent your piece.

What Information Should I have Prepared to Submit?
  • Artist name
  • School/grade where artist teaches
  • Title of the piece
  • Date the piece was made
  • Dimensions of the piece
  • Media of the piece
  • Complete URL to the Artist's website or ePortfolio
  • One image of the artwork being submitted (up to 3 are allowed for 3-D work)
Will Work Be For Sale?

Artists have the option of selling their work for a 70% commission. A link will be posted for viewers to make purchases through the MAEA website, with 30% of the proceeds going to benefit Maine College of Art.

When the exhibit becomes live, instructions for purchasing art will be available on the exhibition website for each piece listed as "for sale." MAEA will handle purchases directly, including any related shipping processes involved, and all payments for art will be made directly to MAEA for processing. MAEA's treasurer will manage issuing payment to the artist and to MECA.

What If I Prefer Not to Sell My Work?

Of course! Simply list "NFS" (Not for Sale) in the "Price" section of the caption prompt when you submit your pieces through the Submission Form below. At least one piece by each MAEA artist who submits may be displayed in the show regardless of whether or not it is listed as "for sale."

Contact Us for Questions

Questions about MECA's role, submitting the form, or this website? Contact Dr. Rachel Somerville, Ed.D, Interim Department Chair of the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program, at

Questions about the sales process or the MAEA show itself? Contact MAEA Treasurer Matthew Johnson at


Are you an art educator teaching high school sophomores, juniors and seniors? Do you know about MECA's online and in-person Pre-College program? We also host the Maine Regional Scholastic Art Awards. See below for more information.

Learn More About Pre-College

MECA is delighted to offer both in-person and online Pre-College opportunities to students July of 2021. Students earn three college credits and those who go on to enroll in MECA's BFA program may also qualify for a scholarship. Art students are more likely to find the confidence boost necessary to attend a Pre-College program in art if their Art Teacher recommends it to them.

Please consider letting your students know about us! For more information about MECA's 2021 Pre-College Program for high school students includes both online and in-person, please click here.

Maine Regional Scholastic Art Awards

Maine College of Art hosts Maine Regional Scholastic Art Awards 2021

MECA is also proud to host the Maine Regional Scholastic Art Awards. Learn more and view the 2021 Gold, Silver, and Honorable Mention awardees here.

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