Start here. Go anywhere.

MECA’s ten-month program prepares artists to become effective art educators who creatively engage children and youth to explore art and have fun in the process. Teacher candidates learn to translate their unique qualities as artists into creative teaching practices.

Our setting in the artistically vibrant city of Portland, Maine adds to the close-knit feeling found among candidates, faculty and our community partners. Candidates benefit from working closely with peers who have very different backgrounds and ideas to share. The small class size and dedicated faculty insure individualized attention, and positive peer interactions help to develop bonds that support each other’s goals.

Rigorous Programming, Experience-Based Learning

Teacher candidates carry a full course load with extensive field hours. Demanding, real world deadlines and extensive practice writing lessons and improving upon them through detailed feedback prepare candidates to meet our expectations for creatively incorporating and interpreting state and national standards. Online portfolios document the progress being made toward reaching these high expectations for teacher preparation.

MECA’s MAT Program emphasizes learning by doing. Our connections with the Greater Portland community of public and private schools, galleries, professional artists and community centers, coupled with MECA’s own resources – a vibrant visiting artist program, the Joanne Waxman Library, the Institute of Contemporary Art – make our program an exceptional pathway to a teaching career in visual art.

Ten months of dedicated, full-time learning allows candidates to complete the MAT in time for employment opportunities and job interviews.