Looking for a Flexible Path to your Art Teacher Certification?

Did you know there is an Art Teacher SHORTAGE?

Join us this May Term, 2021, with these two fully online courses toward your full MAT degree or as an alternative path to teaching certification. These courses are open to the public at our non-matriculated rate. Teachers may elect to take these for continuing certification, and those who hold a Bachelor's Degree may elect to take these two courses to become endorsed to teach Art by the State. Students may enroll directly through the link below and we'll follow up to gather any materials we may need to issue graduate credits.

Hurry and reserve your spot before we fill up! Click Here to enroll today.

MAT 806: Teaching Exceptionality in the Art Classroom with Heather Nunez-Olmstead. May 15 - Jun 20 (asynchronous with three Zoom meetings)

MAT 815: Methods of Teaching Art in the K-12 Classroom with MAT Program Chair, Dr. Rachel Somerville, Ed.D. (meets by Zoom twice weekly for five weeks)


Beyond MECA&D's doors: a world of teaching & learning

Our faculty, current teacher-candidates & alumni...

...have been integrating their practice with the surrounding community since the program's inception.

Here are current & archived examples of workshops, lesson plans & outreach. Please poke around to learn more about the good work our MAT family is doing and feel free to download some lesson plan PDFs for inspiration and use in your own classroom!

Are you one of our Post-Baccalaureate in Art Education graduates? Looking for a Pathway to your MAT?

Please check out our new PBAE Pathway to MAT program designed exclusively for YOU.

Please watch our Info Session, Streamed on 4/21/21: 

Beginning in April of 2021, Maine College of Art & Design's Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program, in collaboration with our Office of Continuing and Professional Studies and employing our new eLearning modality, has prepared a pathway for you to complete and earn the MAT graduate credential in just two, flexibly-designed courses. This program is available exclusively to our alum who hold a Post-Baccalaureate in Art Education from this institution. Check out this information packet to learn more about the pathway:


Each PBAE student needs to complete MAT800 and MAT837 in order to fulfill the degree requirements for MAT. The latter has been specially designed as an Advanced version of our Action Research course in order to meet you where you are at professionally. In order to meet maximum flexibility, we have designed this program to be offered online and in cohorts whenever possible. We will encourage participants to enroll in the cohort when it is available, and we will do our best to support an Independent Study when or if a cohort is not possible. 

Our first cohort class--MAT800: The Artist as Educator--was fully online from June 28th - August 3, 2021. The final show is available for view until October 2.

We are preparing a cohort for MAT837: Professional Practices in Advanced Action Research in sequence with our Fall semester, also fully online. Independent Studies may also be available when and if faculty are available to work with you, or should a cohort-course be cancelled for low enrollment. Join the cohorts this June and have your MAT graduate degree as early as December, 2021! Register today at cs.meca.edu