Learn to

  • Create new, original and authentic art;
  • See the world more thoughtfully, thoroughly and from different perspectives;
  • Give and take feedback regularly through the critique and review processes;
  • Use your heart, head and hands and BE ALL IN;
  • Be intense, work extremely hard and learn to use inputs in order to have outputs;
  • Be brave and take risks and learn from your full range of experience;
  • Innovate, improvise, collaborate, persist and execute with excellence;
  • Synthesize and work within and across multiple art areas;
  • Use a wide range of tools, computer software and understand process;
  • Develop different models of artistic practice to make a living as an artist;
  • Use symbols as visual language and bring attention to the unnoticed;
  • Be a creative problem solver and entrepreneur where the community is the new studio and you build lifelong relationships inside and outside of MECA&D;
  • Embrace foundation and the history of art;
  • Create the cutting edge of society pressing/creating positive cultural change while exposing contradictions and hypocrisy;
  • Dig deeply into art as a major or ultimate intellectual frontier;
  • Express yourself visually, interpersonally and in written form;
  • Be an Artist at Work and transform yourself while learning self confidence and humility;
  • Be a public intellectual, build communities and make them better;
  • Make art for art’s sake. Make art for life’s sake.

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