Maine College of Art & Design is dedicated to fostering and supporting the creative community both in the studio and online.

You can find us at 522 Congress St, Portland, Maine or on the Internet in the following locations.

Connect with us on Linkedin

Our Linkedin keeps us connected with creative working professionals and alumni. It's also a great place for MECA&D to keep the public updated with stats about the number of faculty, staff, students, acceptance rate, and available job openings. You can also learn more details about the work our alumni do post-graduation.

Connect with us on Twitter

twitter-logoTwitter is our chance to communicate MECA&D news and exhibitions to our followers and to the world. It's also a great location for us to connect with artists, venues and publications from around the globe. We love learning about new work that international museums are exhibiting or about the launch of new art publications. Twitter makes the art world accessible and we want to keep our followers well informed on MECA&D's happenings as well as what's going on in global creative community.

Connect with us on Instagram

etfgerg65h5e6ryhgregIt should come as no surprise that MECA&D loves Instagram. We love communicating visually! As an arts college, our students continually create beautiful works of art that fit perfectly into the Instagram platform—and we get to share them with you!

Connect with us on Facebook

1271084-10152203108461729-809245696-o-1MECA&D has a strong, supportive online community, which we connect to with Facebook. Our Facebook page is a place where we can share the news and work of our students and alumni, inform the public about the happenings at the college and cultivate a discussion about art.