Strategic Plan 2020-2027

MECA’s seven-year strategic plan builds on our historic positioning in Portland’s arts district, a shared strategic vision, and proven ability to embrace change. The full plan will be published upon completion in fall 2020.

Strategic Plan Priorities

1. Broaden Our Reach: Online and Distance Learning
Charge: MECA will develop a strategy to effectively enter the online and distance learning marketplace in order to expand our audience of learners and generate additional revenue streams.

We have formed a new committee to move this work forward. This committee will establish specific metrics for success, chart a thorough timeline, devise and implement a detailed business plan, identify the resources necessary, and establish communication plans for all stakeholders to share their results and encourage buy-in.

2. Develop a Culture of Social Change, Racial Justice, and Equity
Charge: MECA’s commitment to Social Change, Racial Justice, and Inclusion will inform all aspects of the College. We believe placing these values at the forefront of our work cultivates artists who are true agents of change and connects our community to the world in meaningful ways.

3. Academic Excellence
Charge: MECA will cultivate the highest standards in teaching and learning in art, design, and media, and will be recognized for its students’ cultural contributions. The College will be known as an educational leader in the programs it offers, creating and continually improving a relevant, culturally inclusive, and distinctive curriculum that enables students to reach their potential in an ever-changing world.

Recognizing a rapidly evolving and increasingly challenging higher education landscape, the College will create additional programs and educational pathways to attract learners beyond its traditional region and age group: this includes professional, mid-career and continuing learners.

4. Create a Living and Learning Center
Charge: Maine College Art (MECA) will develop a new Living and Learning Center that reflects the College’s mission to provide students with the resources and support necessary to pursue their education successfully. Building on MECA’s historic role as the creative anchor of Portland, the new Center will expand MECA’s footprint and identity within Portland and will provide a destination and hub for community activity and engagement.

5. Financial Sustainability
Charge: An essential principle of our Strategic Plan is to ensure MECA’s long-term financial sustainability. As informed by data and other qualitative metrics, we will identify a financial framework and a series of revenue-focused strategic priorities in support of sustainable results and MECA’s overall fiscal plan.

MECA’s final Strategic Plan 2020-2027 will include the deliverables of updated Mission, Vision, and Core Value Statements as well as detailed priorities for each Strategic Goal.

Committee Structure

We are grateful for the time and contributions of each participant in MECA’s 2020-2027 Strategic Planning process. Representatives from every constituent level, MECA Board, Faculty, Staff, BFA and Graduate Students, and Alumni, participated in the following committees:

Steering Committee (15 Members)
Full Strategic Planning Committee (23 Members)
Strategic Goal Working Groups
1. Broaden Our Reach: Online and Distance Learning (8 Members)
2. Develop a Culture of Social Change, Racial Justice, and Equity (8 Members)
3. Academic Excellence (11 Members)
4. Create a Living and Learning Center (10 Members)
5. Financial Sustainability (8 Members)
Student, Alumni, Faculty, and Staff Focus Groups

An Organizational Chart of MECA’s 5 Strategic Plan Working Groups. What resulted is a clear confirmation of interrelation - opportunities of overlap or requirements from one to another - and proof of well-designed strategic goals that each will contribute to success for the College as a whole.

A Gantt Chart for MECA’s Strategic Plan Working Groups during the Planning Phase — Representing each Working Group’s activities from kick-off meeting and charge review, best practice and peer/model AICAD school research, and formulation of priorities, to consensus on recommendation and final deliverables.

Process and Schedule

MECA’s Strategic Plan 2020-2027 is in the Finalization Phase, scheduled to be approved in Oct 2020, published, and prepared for implementation.