WCSH6’s Local ‘207’

The hosts from WCSH6’s local ‘207’ program sat down recently with MECA’s new President, Laura Freid, for an interview about MECA and her first few weeks on the job. During the program, Laura spoke about her own core values and how they are reflected within MECA’s mission statement, the importance of artists to contemporary society, and their influence on modern culture, as well as citing a few of her favorite spots within MECA’s flagship Porteous Building.

Watch the video here on WCSH6.

New Students & Family, Fall 2017

“Educating the next generation of artists is the most important thing we can do. Because art has a central role in our lives — it has one of the most profound roles I can think of — art gives us meaning. Sometimes we forget that when we’re running around, we’re doing things that life requires, but in the end, when we sit down and pause — we think about what gave me meaning — that music I heard, that book I read, this piece of art.” — President Laura Freid

Convocation, Fall 2017

MECA held Convocation, a formal welcoming of all new and first-year BFA students by faculty. President Laura Freid opened up Convocation remarks with advice to students; faculty soon followed with advice of their own.