Make/Time: Podcast by Interim President Stuart Kestenbaum

Make/Time is a podcast series devoted to conversations about craft, inspiration, and the creative process. Listen to leading makers and thinkers talk about where they came from, what they’re making, and where they’re going next. This project is part of the Craft School Experience.

Stuart Kestenbaum talks with furniture designer Vivian Beer ’00, winner of HGTV’s Ellen’s Design Challenge, about learning how to blend traditional making with new technology, and how her time on the tv design contest showed her that not only can great design be made more cheaply, but it should be.

Stuart Kestenbaum talks with artist Sonya Clark about family, roots, textiles, and the joys of making art in a community.

In this episode, Tim McCreight talks to Stuart Kestenbaum about his path to becoming a jeweler, teacher, publisher, writer, and activist.

In this episode, host Stuart Kestenbaum talks with sculptor Tom Joyce. Trained as a blacksmith when he was a teenager, Tom Joyce’s art work can be found in museums across the country, including the National September 11th Memorial and Museum in New York City.