Our Mission

Maine College of Art & Design: 

Educates artists and designers for life.

Emboldens a diverse group of creative thinkers to ask questions and to solve problems.

Activates students of all pursuits to make art, make an impact, and inspire change.

Our Vision

We envision a world enriched by artists and designers who are empowered to create with profound and practical impact.

Our Core Values

We are EXPERTS. Every day we hone our grasp of method, material, process, and technique, immersing ourselves in learning our craft with rigor from the ground up. We respect the educational process and how it informs both practice and creativity, and commit to sharing, cherishing and challenging the methods and concepts used by artists and makers before us.

We are AGILE. We adapt to the world around us and we experiment with verve. Now more than ever, ideas with elasticity are imperative to the dynamic artist. We educate to create sustainably, scalably, differently, in communities large and small. From this springboard, our potential to influence the world becomes possible.

We are INCLUSIVE. We are committed to all artists and designers—no matter who they are, where they come from, or what their goals are. We believe placing this value at the forefront of our work cultivates artists who are true agents of change and connects our community to the world in meaningful ways.

We are SUPPORTIVE. Through individualized education, thoughtful discourse with our faculty, integrated career preparation and professional services, and an ethos of celebration over competition, we enable a culture of shared accountability, visibility and collaborative success.

We are ANCHORED. As Portland’s creative heartbeat, we draw upon the ebbs and flows of our city and state for both influence and opportunity. To honor our relationship with our urban hub and natural surroundings, we as cultural workers strive to make our community’s goals ours, invite it to inspire everything we do, and return impact at every possible turn.

We are TRANSFORMATIONAL. We draw from our unparalleled setting and the diversity of our creativity to grow through every pursuit—by taking risks, by following through, by willing bravery and by seizing every opportunity to make our mark. We embrace our evolution, propelled by the knowledge that creative growth through art, within ourselves and our culture, can ultimately provide fulfillment.

View MECA&D's 2020-2027 Strategic Plan here.