August 16, 2012—October 6, 2012


ICA at MECA&D is pleased to offer our audiences the first opportunity to receive the nineteenth issue of Megawords Magazine. Having evolved from its initial formats of saturated color newsprint and stapled black-and-white pages, this new iteration combines an impressive array of paper stocks, glossy photos, and a spiral binding – and, in true Megawords form – all for free. This issue also includes a special print insert, created by MECA&D student, Mitchell Kehe and printed by Joanne Gravelin.

The immersive installation will introduce the whole of Megawords practice to the city of Portland. The new magazines will be encircled by related ephemera and inspirations; including videos, photographs, found objects and a community chalkboard creating an outpost designed as a space to encourage various forms of engagement: learning, eating, seeing, conversing, and collaborating.

About the Artist

Megawords is an experimental media project that takes the form of an independently published photography magazine and related installation projects and public events. Through their work they create an ongoing narrative that examines daily life in cities through the documentation of our surroundings and experience, with a voice free from commercialization and competing novelties. They do this by working with artists, photographers, designers, writers, musicians and creative people in a collaborative manner to make a self-published, biannual printed magazine that offers an alternative viewpoint to the prevailing messages of advertising and commerce in mass print and online media. The magazine looks at how people live, how they face adversity, how they have fun, how they bend the rules, how they seek freedom through acts of dissent, how they make and think about art and culture, and how they love. Megawords also questions the ownership of cultural exchange, and expanding the space within which this exchange can happen.