María Patricia Tinajero is a visual artist and a PHD candidate at the Institute for Doctoral Studies in Visual Art Philosophy (IDSVA). She was born next to an imaginary line Equator or parallel 0°0’0; growing up ten miles south of the Equator, ever aware of notions around liminal spaces, limits and frontiers between reality and fantasy her art practice weaves between her geography and the social the function of art as it intersects everyday life. Her creative research puts emphasize on place and community through social justice and environmental awareness; Currently, her academic research explores the crossroad of aesthetic and environmental practices to creates intersections for philosophical and environmental practices that urge critical and sustainable responses. She has coauthor several publications in the field of ecological sound composition which include the essay “Ecologically Grounded Creative Practice” part of the III International Music Symposium in the Amazon, Vol. 2. Manaus AM: Editora da UFAM. Tinajero received an affiliate fellowship from the American Academy in Rome (2010).

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