Idea of North

February 22, 2014

Idea of North ICA

On Saturday, February 22, ten artists will put on their parkas and come together on a frozen river. In a season when most are hibernating these artists will engage in conversation and collaboration. Idea of North takes its title and inspiration from the first installment of Glenn Gould’s The Solitude Trilogy, a collection of documentaries that turned radio into art. In an exploration of Canada’s greatest white, white extreme north Gould weaves together a soundscape of various monologues from people who have chosen to live beyond our conventional borders. Our iteration of Idea of North poses that removing yourself from a center does not equal removing yourself from culture. The artists will come together in pairs, each pair realizing an ephemeral work in a smelt fishing shack. This temporal community will serve as a celebration of how artistic ideas flourish within our frozen north.