Fantastical Reality

Work by Iva Milovanic '16

What I see every day makes me feel and connect with myself on a greater level. These feelings of pleasure, excitement and fear urge me to filter my experiences and bring them to life. Nothing and no one goes unnoticed, and nothing escapes my sketchbook. If a friend shows up wearing a ridiculous outfit or if a lover has a hairy back, together they may end up as a combined caricature that gets a new peculiar personality. The sculptures are pure pleasure combined with rationality, and represent me as much as what I love and hate in other people. When I draw and make my characters I take fragments of people's physical and nonphysical personalities, combine and transform them into things that I understand better. The drawings that I draw are for me, but the sculptures that I make are for the world to see and they are there to inspire and present how I see you.