Dan DenDanto and Frank DenDanto: Bump

January 23—April 7, 2013

ICA Installation Bump

With growing human encroachment in natural habitats, the symbiotic balance of the world’s ocean dynamic has evolved to include collateral non natural threats. While a natural history discussion of this is present in many forums, transcending the topic beyond a scientific dialog allows our impacts on the ecology to become real and identifiable in our daily lives. An artistic observation of these impacts on the world allows barrier developed by normal disconnects, such as proximity and scientific complexity, to be broken. Emotional connections in the observer tend to be personal, immediate and motivating. Grounded in the belief that art is vital to the spirit and wholeness of human beings, the intention is to cultivate, encourage and grow the discussion of human ecology beyond the science. The piece is designed to allow for a personal connection to otherwise impersonal elements. Concepts such as scale and emotion frequently left out of natural history discussions can be confronted and embraced to allow for the human connection to be fully experienced.