...to unravel the bind:
Maine College of Art & Design 2020 Faculty Triennial

On view from January 17 - March 1, 2020
Exhibition Opening: Friday, January 17, 2020, 5:00–8:00pm
Institute of Contemporary Art at Maine College of Art & Design
ICA Gallery hours: Wed–Sun, 11:00am–5:00pm, Thurs, 11:00am–7:00pm, Friday, 11:00am–5:00pm, (FFAW until 8:00pm)

This exhibition is organized by the Institute of Contemporary Art at Maine College of Art & Design, Director of Exhibitions Julie Poitras Santos, and Juror Ellen Tani, Boston-based art historian and independent curator.

Is the end in sight, or can we already see the end times? In 2020, we will weather the swells and tensions of subterfuge, irreversible change, and societal forces that tend toward self-destruction.  Now more than ever, we need the thinking, making, and imagining that drives artists to make work both because of and in spite of these challenges. Inevitably pulled into the fray, where there is no clear path forward, up, or out, their practices navigate shifting grounds one step at a time, adapting to uncertainty both provisionally and purposefully. To unravel the bind, some pursue processes of dismantling, yielding new spaces and material configurations. Others take up forms, materials and design once intended to visually obscure or physically confine, transforming or repurposing them into new tools and structures for generative exploration. In doing so they explore the increasingly evanescent contours of truth, knowledge, and fact, reading the world as it presents itself—in all its complexity and imbalance—even when it does not make sense.

- Ellen Y. Tani, Guest Juror

Featured Artists

Marian Baker, Stephen Benenson, Michel Droge  MFA '10, Annika Earley  MFA '16,  John P. Gardiner  '07, MFA '14, Kate Greene, Adrian King '12, Alysha Kupferer, Alex Lukas, Honour Mack, Kelly McConnell, Rachel Eleni Somerville, Ling-Wen Tsai

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Gallery Talks

In conjunction with the exhibition, the ICA will host a series of gallery talks from the artists. Free and open to the public.

Thursday, January 30, 2020: 10:00am
Artist Gallery Talk featuring Michel Droge, Honour Mack, & Ling-Wen Tsai

Friday, February 21, 2020: 10:00am
Artist Gallery Talk featuring Marian Baker and Adrian King

Friday, February 28, 2020: 12:30pm
Artist Gallery Talk featuring Alysha Kupferer and John P. Gardiner

Featured Image: Michel Droge, Not Yet Titled I, 2020