Diversity Statement & Compact

Maine College of Art Educates Artists for Life.

To give further definition and distinction to Maine College of Art’s institutional mission and to advance the goal of diversity in the strategic plan, the following set of principles were created to strengthen our learning community and cultivate an environment that prepares its students to thrive in a diverse and global world. Maine College of Art recognizes that diversity is integral to the academic experience and strives to foster an inclusive culture defined by respect, equity and social responsibility. These principles serve as another catalyst for MECA students, faculty, staff and trustees to become the critically engaged citizens upon whom our world depends.

We understand the differences and diversity of our experiences include, but are not limited to, race, class, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, national origin, ethnicity, faith, religion, veteran status, mental, and physical ability.

I am responsible as a member of the MECA community:

  1. For recognizing, validating and thinking critically about the diversity of experience within our community
  2. To move beyond cultural stereotypes and assumptions in order to open up an authentic (and inclusive) culture of critique
  3. To embrace the principles of a small caring community that supports the authentic expression of self and others
  4. To see beyond assumptions in order to build authentic relationships across differences
  5. To learn and be aware of how larger cultural inequalities and inequities influence our daily interactions
  6. To participate with willingness and openness in opportunities which address current social events and to think critically about the impact on our college community and larger world
  7. For respecting and supporting all members of our community
  8. For engaging in action and dialogue when there is injustice driven by privilege and oppression.


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