Add Verb Productions

Add Verb Productions is a nonprofit program at the University of New England that provides health and wellness education through provocative theatre performances with the goal of building stronger, healthier communities.


AIGA Maine

AIGA Maine, Maine’s chapter of the design community’s professional networking group, has a robust chapter based in Portland. The organization hosts regular events for members and non-members.

10329183_10152711932429808_6675746119891067875_nCreative Portland Corporation

Creative Portland Corporation is a nonprofit organization established by the City to support economic development efforts that capitalize on and grow Portland’s creative economy, create employment opportunities, and foster arts district development.


CSArt Maine

CSArt Maine is a community-supported art share program that offers a subscription-based service for locally produced art. Similar to a CSA farm share, subscribers receive a seasonal portion of art produced by local artists. CSArt Maine's goal is to function as an alternative avenue for local artists to disseminate work outside of the traditional gallery model and break down the walls between artist and collector.


Maine Arts Commission

The Maine Arts Commission is Maine’s state-run arts and cultural agency. They keep a comprehensive directory of Maine artists, arts organizations, collectives, and associations. Groups and individuals are invited to subscribe.


Maine Humanities Council

The Maine Humanities Council promotes literature, history, philosophy, and the arts in Maine.


Maine Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts

Maine Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts provides legal council for artists and organizations with limited financial resources. MEVLA also does broad outreach and education about arts-related business and legal issues.


Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance

Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance is a thirty-five year old nonprofit whose mission is to enrich the cultural life of Maine by supporting writers and the literary arts.


Mayo Street Arts

Mayo Street Arts is a nonprofit community arts center with a gallery, artist studios, music and theater performances, and classes.




MENSK‘s mission is to inspire and support personal, local, and regional action for the development of creative and sustainable communities.


Portland Music Foundation

Portland Music Foundation‘s mission is to organize, support, nurture, and promote the thriving music scene in Portland. They are genre-agnostic and work with kids and adults.

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Portland Society for Architecture

Portland Society for Architecture's membership includes architects, engineers, landscape architects, design professionals, and individuals committed to the protection and enhancement of those aspects of urban design which contribute to Portland’s economic activity and cultural identity. Their work includes advocacy and educational programming open to everyone.


Portland's Downtown District

Portland's Downtown District is a nonprofit committed to the economic vitality of Portland’s downtown. Their website features guides to events, tours, arts, dining, and shopping in Portland.


Portland Public Art Committee

Portland Public Art Committee is an all-volunteer subcommittee of the Portland City Council that commissions and maintains the public art collection of the City of Portland.


Rosemont Artists Guild of Maine

Rosemont Artists Guild of Maine is a group of fine and craft artists living and working in the Rosemont neighborhood of Portland, Maine.



Society for East End Arts

The Society for East End Arts (SEA) is s a Munjoy Hill-based organization of artists that seeks to promote awareness of the arts in Portland's East End through networking and community.


St. Lawrence Arts Center

St. Lawrence Arts Center is a nonprofit community arts space featuring theater, dance, music, film, and workshops.



The Telling Room

The Telling Room is a nonprofit writing center dedicated to the idea that children and young adults are natural storytellers. Focused on young Portland-area writers ages six to 18, Telling Room programs build confidence, strengthen literacy skills, and provide real audiences for students’ stories.