Portland, Maine

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Portland is an incredible city. Located on the southern coast of Maine, it’s just the right size, easy to navigate on foot, and filled with arts and culture and minutes from beaches, lakes, and forests.

Recently listed as #8 on U.S. News & World Report's "2022-23 Best Places to Live" list and #7 and #10 respectively for for quality of life and professional opportunities by WalletHub, what's not to love?

"Artful living and farm-to-table dining are not just trends in Portland — they have been a way of life for years. A ‘do it yourself’ spirit resonates throughout the region, so don't be surprised if a neighbor offers you extra produce from a community garden, home-brewed beer or knitting tips. All around Portland, you'll find dozens of local entrepreneurs offering homegrown or homemade products, from mittens to coffee."

Ed Pfueller from U.S. News & World Report

Besides its coastal setting with access to colorful islands, oceanfront bike and foot trails, it is a "foodie's" delight, offering everything from seafood (of course) to vegetarian fare to international cuisine. The weekly Portland Farmers Market provides locally grown vegetables, meats, dairy and a range of food. Its commitment to arts and culture makes Portland an East Coast nexus where artists, musicians and small business start-ups thrive. During Portland's monthly legendary First Friday Art Walk, the galleries celebrate artists accompanied by street vendors, musicians, performers and more -- a mini Mardi Gras 12 times a year!

One of Portland's greatest assets is its size -- large enough to host a diverse blend of nationalities, this endlessly interesting city is also small enough to retain a strong sense of community. Here, committed creative thinkers and entrepreneurs have developed niche markets and micro-cultures centered around socially responsible businesses, research and technology, agriculture, creative innovation, design, fashion, and more.  And MECA&D is located right in the heart of it; in fact we were instrumental in the resurgence of downtown. The MECA&D Guide to Portland Google Map demonstrates the powerful impact our alumni, faculty, staff, and students continue to have on our community.

Wander down the street during a First Friday Art Walk in summer, admiring our historic 19th century buildings. Visit our world-class Portland Museum of Art (open for free every FFAW), pick up a slice of Otto's cranberry and goat cheese pizza, or grab a cup of handcrafted locally roasted Joe at Coffee By Design or The Speckled Axe as you stroll and enjoy listening to some urban folkies.  Perhaps there is a performance in Congress Square, the fire jugglers are out down in the Old Port, or there happens to be a bicycle parade. Or hop on a ferry and take a refreshing cruise around Casco Bay.

People are drawn to Portland from all over the world and choose to visit and/or live here because of its unique blend of dynamic communities; easy access to Maine's bounty of coastline, forests, and mountains; and fertile creative scene. Its beauty energizes the body and inspires the spirit and its stimulating culture means you don’t need to go anywhere else. No wonder our official city motto is "Yes. Life's good here."

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