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Dana Sawyer Lecture Series — Fall 2015

Posted: 2015-10-01

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Professor Dana Sawyer will be giving a number of lectures this fall.

"The Perennial Philosophy and the Future of Religion"
"Science and Non-Dualism" conference in San Jose, CA
Sunday, October 25th

Learn more about the lecture here.

"Possible Oneness of All Religion and Spirituality"
World Parliament of Religions, Salt Lake City
Tuesday, October 27th 

Learn more about the lecture here.

Professor Agnes Bushell Publishes Book

Posted: 2011-11-16

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Liberal Arts Faculty member Agnes Bushell published "Death in Arcadia." Set in Portland, the mystery involves politically motivated performance artists, idealistic art students, eccentric old ladies, and the death of a trustee. This is the 11th novel for Bushell.

Her earlier work, "Local Deities" was hailed by the book reviewer for The Nation as "a potboiler like the best of Dostoyevsky’s." It is based on her friendship with two of Maine’s most notorious radicals.

She co-founded Maine's political journal, "The Dissident" and  Littoral Books, an independent press.