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The Department of Student Affairs is comprised of various offices to serve MECA students in creating a vibrant and synergistic community. Offices include Counseling and Wellness, Residential Education, and Student Engagement. We strive to provide a wide and vast range of quality services including activities, community engagement opportunities, counseling, disability services, judicial affairs, housing, physical health, student advocacy, student organizations, and much more. Students are required to read the Academic and Student Handbook.  Students who have questions on topics from activities to living on campus should contact the Department of Student Affairs. We are here to serve the needs of MECA students by developing an atmosphere in which students are able to lay a foundation for the lifelong pursuit of personal and professional goals.


As professional educators in the Department of Students Affairs, it is our mission to develop, engage, and support, with others in the College, opportunities for students to become productive citizens through the creation of a vibrant, synergistic, learning based community. Through this community, we strive to create challenging programs and services, community partnerships, and student resources that contribute to the students’ artistic, intellectual, cultural, social, moral, and emotional growth and exploration. In doing so, we engage students in a wide and diverse range of pursuits within the College and community that contributes to their foundation for a lifelong pursuit of personal and professional goals.

The educating of students to transform their aspirations and values into a creative practice is a fundamental aspect of MECA’s Mission. We support and supplement MECA’s Mission through programs, resources, services, and a mutual-collegial relationship with Academic Affairs to support students’ formal academic work.

We believe:

  • students are at the center of our work;
  • students have a responsibility to themselves and their community;
  • students will encounter caring, compassionate, trained, and supportive professionals to aide them throughout their academic , personal, and professional pursuits;
  • students, faculty, staff, and members of the community create a student-centered learning environment;  and
  • in delivering  high quality-learning outcome based programs and services; and

The Department of Students Affairs encompasses a broad range of programs and services including disability services, residential education, housing, physical and mental wellness, personal and career, student involvement, community engagement, new student orientation, service learning, and campus involvement.

Maine College of Art is committed to providing access, accommodations, and services to students with various disabilities.  We strive to ensure that students with disabilities have necessary tools to be successful inside and outside of the classroom.  Individual students have the right and responsibility to decide whether to take advantage of available services.  Students seeking services are encouraged to contact the Disability Services Coordinator prior to or upon admission. The determination of disability-related accommodations and support services does not affect MECA's admission process.  

To ensure the provision of reasonable and appropriate services, students must first complete an application for accommodation and provide documentation that meets the eligibility criteria set by MECA.  In accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Maine College of Art is committed to helping qualified students with disabilities achieve their individual educational goals. Upon request and verification of the disability, MECA will provide service coordination and reasonable accommodations to remediate the competitive disadvantage that a disability can create in the educational setting.  MECA has no legal obligation to recognize any students having a disability until that student has established eligibility with the Disability Services Coordinator. The records including evaluations are strictly confidential and are not part of a student's academic record.

Students with disabilities who need special services to access MECA programs or who wish to seek programmatic accommodations based on their disability should contact the, Disability Services Coordinator at 207.699.5035 or  Please include the words Disability Services in the heading of the e-mail and do not send personal information such as social security numbers and documentation via e-mail.  The Disability Services Coordinator will aid the students through the process and procedures to access services.

Brief Step by Step Guide

  • Admitted or enrolled at Maine College of Art
  • Disclose that you need services to Disability Services Coordinator
  • Meet with Disability Services Coordinator to review procedures and disability
  • Complete application and wavier form
  • Provide documentation
  • Review of student's request with documentation
  • Implementation and completion of accommodations or appeals process
  • Notify faculty of accommodations       

Maine College of Art Disability Services Policies + Procedures 

Disability Services Application 

Adrea Jaehnig
Director of Student Affairs & Disability Services Coordinator

Maileny Guillén, Residence Director

Leeanna Morris
Coordinator of Student Involvement


Counseling & Wellness
To schedule an appointment email:

Sheila Geant, LCPC, NCC
Coordinator of Counseling & Wellness

Ginie Thorp LCPCC, NCC
Mental Health Counselor

Kyna Pitula, Intern

Stephanie Olson, Intern