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Welcome to Residential Education & Housing at Maine College of Art - where a small community feels like a large family! Here at MECA, we have a strong belief that our residence halls are more than dorms, which simply refer to a place where people sleep. Our residence halls are communities, which offer students the opportunity to interact with peers, to learn respect for self and others, to understand and appreciate diverse cultures, beliefs and backgrounds and are a setting where students can develop an awareness and an appreciation of what it means to become a contributing member of a supportive and tight-knit community.

In an effort to provide our undergraduate students with the best experience possible and help them be academically successful, we require all new first-year students at MECA to live in one of our three residence halls. We established this requirement because of the many benefits living in the residence halls provides students, especially during their first year at college. Exceptions are made for some transfer and commuting students. To request an exception to our on-campus housing requirement, please contact me directly so we can discuss your individual circumstance.

If you have questions about Residential Education & Housing at MECA, or if what you are looking for is not on the following pages, please do not hesitate contacting me.

Dan Gardner
Director of Residential Education & Housing
Maine College of Art


BFA Students - Fill Out A Housing Application By Clicking Here

MFA Students - Fill Out A Housing Application By Clicking Here

Oak Street Residence Hall
Oak houses approximately eight-five students in a combination of single and double rooms with the majority of rooms sharing a bathroom with one other room. Oak Street is wheelchair accessible, has an elevator and ADA compliant room. Building amenities include a laundry room on the first floor, vending machines, student lounge with cable television and wireless Internet. The atmosphere within Oak tends to be lively with residents from all floors socializing with each other and students often gather in the hallways to work on homework projects together.

Residents living in Oak Street have access to a kitchen in Shepley, which features a full-sized stove and refrigerator, a microwave, pots and pans and various cooking utensils.

View pictures of a single room here.
View pictures of a double room here.
View pictures of a large double/triple room here.

View a video of a large double/triple room here
View a video of a double room here

Shepley Street Residence Hall
Shepley offers approximately 55 students a more independent living community in either two or four person apartments. Each apartment has a kitchen, kitchen table and chairs, living room, bathroom, bedroom(s) and wireless. Laundry rooms are located in the basement along with a bike storage room and the building has wireless Internet. The student lounge in Shepley has cable television and local phone. The atmosphere within Shepley tends to be quieter with strong community within each apartments.

View pictures of a double apartment here.
View pictures of a quad apartment here.

View a video of a double apartment here.
View a video of a quad apartment here

Miles Standish Residence Hall
Miles Standish houses a combination of Maine College of Art students and Portland community members. Currently, MECA students live on floors one, two and four. Miles Standish offers two person apartments each with a kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom. Miles Standish has wireless Internet and a laundry room and bike storage located in the basement. Miles Standish houses primarily upper-class students.

View photos of a Miles Standish apartment here.
View a video of a Miles Standish apartment here


All bedrooms in Oak, Shepley and Miles Standish come furnished with a standard twin bed and mattress, dresser, desk and desk chair and window blinds. The front doors of our residence halls are locked 24/7.


Oak Street Room & Board Prices 

(includes 17-meals/wk plan)

  Room Cost
Board Cost Total Annual Cost
Small Double $6,450 $3,410 $9,860
Medium Double $6.990 $3,410 $10,400
Large Double  $7,318 $3,410 $10,728
Single $7,612 $3,410 $11,022

Shepley Street Room & Board Prices 

(includes 7-meal/wk plan)

  Room Cost Board Cost Total Annual Cost
Double Apartment $7,760 $1,665 $9,425
Quad Apartment $7,433 $1,665 $9,098

For an additional $1,740 a student living in the Shepley Street Residence Hall can upgrade their meal plan to a 17 meal plan per week.

Miles Standish Room & Board Prices 

(includes 7-meal/wk plan)

  Room Cost Board Cost Total Annual Cost
Double Apartment $7,572 $1,665 $9,237

Meal Plans

50 block meal plan: $425

Learn more about Meal Plans and the Café


Download the Guide To Community Living


reslifevideo 2 from Maine College of Art on Vimeo.

The Office of Residential Education & Housing is overseen by the Director of Residential Education & Housing and staffed by a team of Resident Advisors. The main office is located on the second floor of Porteous in the Administrative Center.

Director of Residential Education & Housing:
The Director of Residential Education & Housing is a full-time professional staff person who lives in the residence halls and has the primary responsibility of overseeing the community within the halls and their day-to-day operations. This includes establishing and administering community standards, supporting community programming and supervising the Resident Advisors

Some reasons you might seek out the Director include:

  • You would like more information about campus resources;
  • There is an issue you would like to speak to a staff person about or that you do not feel comfortable talking to one of the RAs about;
  • You need to discuss a room change;
  • There is a maintenance issue that has to be addressed immediately;
  • You were involved in an incident in the residence hall;
  • You are sick and need assistance in seeking medical treatment;
  • There is a question, comment, or concern you would like addressed.

Resident Advisors:
The Resident Advisors (RA) role is an undergraduate paraprofessional position. RAs are assigned a specific floor and/or building and are responsible for being available to their residents as needed. Some of the many hats RAs wear include; role models, teachers, administrators, mentors, policy upholders, leaders, and event planners. In short, their job is to serve the needs of residents while ensuring a vibrant and safe community. RAs are also part of a rotating duty schedule which ensures one RA is available from 9:00PM-8:00AM each day of the week.

Some reasons you might seek out an RA include:

  • You need to talk to someone;
  • Something in your room needs fixing;
  • You are having a conflict with your roommate;
  • There is an activity you want to suggest or help organize;
  • There is a question, comment, or concern you would like addressed.


What Does Gender Neutral Housing Mean?
Gender Neutral Housing means that MECA does not determine which students can live together based on their gender or gender identification. All students can choose to room with either a male or female roommate(s). Students living in Gender Neutral Housing will share a bathroom.

Gender Neutral Housing In Oak VS. Shepley & Miles Standish Halls:
In Shepley and Miles Standish, Gender Neutral Housing is on an apartment by apartment basis. If there are four students requesting to live in Gender Neutral Housing in a quad apartment, they will be placed together. However, if there are only three students requesting a Gender Neutral quad, this request cannot be granted because there is not that fourth student to fill the apartment.

In Oak, Gender Neutral Housing is available in connected rooms, provided that all students who share the bathroom request Gender Neutral Housing. Similar to Shepley and Miles Standish, Gender Neutral Housing will only be granted if there are enough students to fill all beds in the connected two rooms.

It is important to note that only students who request Gender Neutral Housing will be placed in Gender Neutral Housing.

What If A Vacancy Occurs In A Gender Neutral Apartment/Room?
If a vacancy occurs during the academic year, the students will have the following options to choose from:

  • Find a current residential student or a currently enrolled, matriculated MECA commuter student to fill the space;
  • Move out of the current apartment or room to fill another Gender Neutral living space, depending on availability;
  • Move out of the current apartment or room to fill another space on campus, depending on availability;
  • Pay for the vacant space in the current apartment or room; the pro-rated cost of the empty space(s) would be evenly divided between the remaining resident(s).

Vacancies which occur over the summer will be handled on a case-by-case basis through communication with the Director of Residential Education & Housing and the students assigned to the apartment or room.

- Q: Do You Have Recommendations on Things To Bring With Me?

A: Yes, here's a link to our recommended packing list

- Q: What Do The Residence Halls Look Like?

A: Check out the pictures and videos below or on our Youtube account.  

Oak Street residence hall: 
View pictures of a single room here.
View pictures of a double room here.
View pictures of a large double room here.
View a video of a large double room here
View a video of a double room here

Shepley Street residence hall:
View pictures of a double room here.
View pictures of a quad room here.
View a video of a double room here.
View a video of a quad room here

Miles Standish residence hall:
View photos of a Miles Standish room here.
View a video of a Miles Standish room here.

Q: Where Do I Get My Mail?    

A: For letters or packages mailed through the Post Office: In Shepley and Miles Standish, there are mailboxes inside the front of the building where the Mailman/Mailwoman delivers the mail. In Oak, all mail is delivered to the RA office and the RAs deliver the mail to students each evening. The mailing addresses for the residence halls are: 

Oak Shepley Miles Standish
Student Name Student Name Student Name
51 Oak Street 15 Shepley Street 11 Shepley Street
Room # Apartment # Apartment #
Portland, ME 04101       Portland, ME 04101       Portland, ME 04101      

For packages mailed through Fed Ex or UPS:  If your packages will be sent via Fed Ex or UPS, it’s best to send them directly to MECA (522 Congress Street) so the College Receptionist can sign for them and they won’t be left sitting on the sidewalk outside of the residence halls.

Q: What Should I Leave At Home?

A: Items not allowed in the residence halls that need to be left at home include: candles, incense, halogen lamps, Lava Lamps, any appliance that has an exposed heating element such as a toaster and toaster oven and extension cords (surge protectors are allowed).

Q: How Much Does Laundry Cost?

A: Laundry costs $1.50 to wash and $1.50 to dry.  Our washers and dryers run on quarters or you can use a credit/debit card.

Q: Can I Have Friends From Home Stay Overnight?

A: An overnight guest is allowed provided your roommate(s) are ok with your guest staying over.  You must sign your guest in with the RA on duty when s/he arrives and s/he can only stay for two consecutive nights in a two-week period.

Q: I Need My Morning Cup Of Joe – Can I Have A Coffee Pot?

A: Coffee pots (including the Keurig machines) are allowed in the halls.

Q: Can I Have Pets?

A: Pets are not allowed in the residence halls – so please leave Fido at home with Mom or Dad.  You can bring Nemo and his other fish friends, as long as they are in a three-gallon or smaller fish tank.

Q: I Come From Far Away – Can I Stay In My Room Over Breaks?

A: No matter where you hail from, you are able to stay in the residence halls over breaks, with the exception being Winter Break (December – January).

Q: Is There Cable Television?

A: The halls are wired for cable television however, residents who wish to have cable, will need to contract with the local cable provider on their own.  In the lounges in both Shepley and Oak, there is a TV with cable access provided by the College.

Q: What Is The Alcohol Policy On Campus?

A: Possession or consumption of alcohol is not allowed, regardless of age for students living in Shepley or Oak.  Of age students residing in Miles Standish are allowed to possess and consume alcohol.

Q: Should I Bring My Car With Me?

A: Student parking is not available on campus.  Students are strongly discouraged from bringing a vehicle with them due to the limited nature of parking in Portland.  The City of Portland has public transportation, which students can utilize to get around the city.  Conveniently, there is a bus stop in front of MECA.

Q: Can I Request A Specific Roommate?

A: Requests for a specific roommate are granted provided both parties request each other on the Residence Hall Application.

Q: Are There Cooking Facilities In The Halls?

A: Oak does not have a communal kitchen – but there are fridges and a microwave for students to use.  Shepley has a full kitchen with some pots, pans and other cooking utensils provided by the College for students to use.  Students living in Oak have full access to the kitchen in Shepley.

Q: Can I Change Rooms or Residence Halls After School Begins:

A: Room changes may be requested beginning in the third week of each semester.  During the first two weeks of the semesters, a room-freeze in place, which is a time intended for roommates to get to know each other and try to work out any differences that may arise.

Other Questions?

Please do not hesitate contacting: Dan Gardner, Director of Residential Education & Housing at 207.699.5067 or