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 Glover Sean Glover Visiting Assistant Professor , Sculpture View »
Allard Rosie Allard Instructor, Textile & Fashion Design View »
Allen Judith Allen Instructor, Printmaking View »
Altan Derya Altan Visiting Artist, Textile & Fashion Design View »
Ambrose Gary Ambrose Professor, Sculpture View »
Anderson Ian Anderson Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the College, Foundation View »
Anderson Arthur Anderson , Liberal Arts View »
Atterbury Elizabeth Atterbury Instructor, Photography View »
Baker Marian Baker Associate Professor, Ceramics View »
Bechstein Christina Bechstein Associate Professor, Sculpture View »
Bowden Steve Bowden Adjunct Instructors, Graphic Design View »
Braunig Sascha Braunig Adjunct Instructor, View »
Breslin Lucy Breslin Associate Professor, Ceramics View »
Briggs William Briggs , Liberal Arts View »
Brou Philip Brou Assistant Professor, Painting View »
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