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Naomi Chiba, Instructor

Naomi Chiba

Naomi Chiba teaches courses on anime, and on Japanese film, society, and popular culture. Assistant Professor Chiba also works as a translator, and recently completed Arthur A. Berger’s book, Durkheim is Dead!  Her studies focused on social policies in Japan and Japanese film in New York. Research interests are ideological discourses on social policies and politics.  Assistant Professor Chiba has written on the social construction of public opinion toward the reconstruction of Japanese militarism,  and has researched newspaper articles on the Japanese hostage crisis in Iraq and analyzed them in order to show the mechanism of media coverage and political intentions toward militarism, and the relationship between war ideologies and the social policy of war, a homepage of a former Japanese military shrine in order to explain it.


BA, Hosei University, Tokyo, Japan
MA, Sociology, City College of New York.