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Hogan Jamie Hogan Adjunct Assistant Professor, Illustration View »
Hokanson Matt Hokanson Instructor, Digital Media View »
Hutton Matt Hutton Associate Professor, Woodworking & Furniture Design View »
Irons Hilary Irons Adjunct Instructor, Foundation View »
Jabar Elizabeth Jabar Associate Professor, Printmaking View »
Jamra Mark Jamra Associate Professor, Graphic Design View »
Jenkins Bob Jenkins Adjunct Associate Professor, Liberal Arts View »
Jerlach Lars Jerlach Professor , Master of Fine Arts View »
Johnson Mark Johnson Professor, Ceramics View »
Johnston Jamie Johnston Professor, Woodworking & Furniture Design View »
Jordan Anna Jordan Assistant Professor, Illustration View »
Kaminski Kate Kaminski , Liberal Arts View »
Kasputes Michael Kasputes Adjunct Assistant Professor, Liberal Arts View »
Kinsella Colleen Kinsella Adjunct Instructor/Printmaking Studio Technician, Printmaking View »
Kirchoff Justin Kirchoff Professor, Program Chair, Photography View »
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