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WF 421 Woodworking & Furniture Major Studio

Within this course, it is expected that each student begin to develop a significant body of work and the ability to articulate that work in preparation for their thesis and final semester. Multiple advanced techniques are covered and students are required to organize, exhibit and document their work within an all-department exhibition at the end of this course.  Major requirement: 3 credits/semester; 6 hours/week.  Prerequisites: Majoring standing.  

WF 422 Woodworking & Furniture Major Studio

Students are given quick warm-up assignments throughout the year while concurrently developing their work in close communication with faculty. This course is predominantly dedicated toward the development of the students’ body of work that will accompany their written thesis.  Major requirement: 3 credits/semester; 6 hours/week.  Prerequisites: Majoring standing.


WF 101 - 225 Beginning & Intermediate Woodworking & Furniture Design

This is a beginning and intermediate level skill-building elective in joinery techniques and structural connection problem solving.  Assignments and exercises focus on the practice and practical application of joinery techniques, in-depth hand and power tool use and the application of this information to a distinct body of work.  Assignments develop an understanding of basic mechanical systems and proceed through advanced joint making processes with an ongoing reference to the historical context.  Elective: 3 credits/semester; 6 hours/week. No prerequisites for WF 101.  WF 225 pre-requisite: WF 101 or permission from instructor.

WF 237 Bending Wood

This course examines the conceptual and structural possibilities of bending wood as it applies to functional and sculptural approaches. Assignments and exercises focus on the practice and practical application of solid wood and plywood. Exercises will cover simple and complex bends, fixture mechanics, and clamp/vacuum bag applications. Students will apply these newly acquired skills to make a minimum of one project.  Elective: 3 credits/semester; 6 hours/week.  Prerequisite: WF 101 or permission from instructor.

WF 239 Design: A Sustainable Approach

WF 239 Design: A Sustainable Approach: In this class students will design and build furniture objects based on environmentally friendly/conscious building practices. By researching subjects such as green building trends, alternative materials and sustainable forestry practices, students will make conscious decisions throughout the design and building process while constructing one/two pieces. This course will include visiting artists and institutional visits that include these practices into their current work and have adapted to the changing world. Geared toward all students who have a passion for forward thinking in construction practices, this course will utilize materials such as cork, bamboo, cardboard and recycled plastic. Elective: 3 credits/semester, 6 hours/week Prerequisite: FN 115 (Beginning WF 101 recommended, but not required.)

WF 240 Specialized Projects in WWF Design

WF 240 Specialized Projects in WWF Design: This semester, Specialized Projects in Woodworking and Furniture Design will explore the capabilities and possibilities of the CNC Router. This machine has the potential to mass produce, prototype, and create one off art work. We will experiment with it and learn the basics in this course. Students will get a basic understanding not only of how to operate the tool, but of what it is good at and what it is bad at. It is not a do-all tool, but a practical answer to certain problems. We will design with these capabilities in mind and explore how this technology can best be utilized in an art and design setting. Elective: 3 credits/semester; 6 hours/week. Prerequisites: WF 101.

WF 241 (PE) You Are Here

This course is an exploration in creating art, with wood as a primary but not exclusive medium, with place and site as a primary consideration. Students would create projects in the wood facility for placement in predetermined locations, with an emphasis on the content of place and objects. Lectures and presentations will be given, with a focus on furniture, architecture, public art, infrastructural engineering and artistic interpretations of these elements, in order to create a connection between art, objects, place, and viewers. Students will develop an understanding of integrating work into their surroundings, and the rigors and challenges posed by elements such as weather, regular utilitarian use, public interaction, and the general demands of making for varied use. Elective: 3 credits/semester; 6 hours/week.  Prerequisites: WF 101

WF 321 Woodworking & Furniture Major Studio

This course explores the making of furniture & furniture related objects.  Through technical demonstrations, conceptual discussions and material explorations, students will gather the skills needed to begin constructing their ideas with wood as their primary medium. Drawings and models will be used to generate and refine projects.  Major requirement: 3 credits/semester; 6 hours/week.  Prerequisites: Majoring standing.  

WF 322 Woodworking & Furniture Major Studio

The completion of Jr. Studio is dedicated toward learning intermediate to advanced techniques as well as the development of a strong understanding of wood as a building material. Individual and group projects will allow for exploration in concept, utility and technique.  Major requirement: 3 credits/semester; 6 hours/week.  Prerequisites: Majoring standing.