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Students learn to employ the principles of design in order to create work that is spatially and/or environmentally dynamic. Students learn to select and develop media that will fortify content. Students examine and understand the contextual opportunities for sculpture, and their relationship to subjective expression.

Students learn to seek new visual and intellectual themes in one’s work and develop the ability to challenge themselves technically, formally, and conceptually. Students develop communicative skills in critical thinking and writing and understand the discipline of sculpture from both historical and contemporary perspectives. Students understand and examine subjective decisions in relationship to historical and contemporary perspectives in art and learn to identify contemporary sculptors who are making significant contributions to the discipline. Students establish personal, self-sustaining work habits.

Students acquire a solid range of skills with regard to traditional and contemporary sculpture techniques. Students acquire the ability to support content through the choice appropriate techniques, process, scale, and context.

Students write an artist statement, a professional resume, cover letter and artist bio. Students learn to create a professional portfolio of studio work in both slide and digital formats. Students gain experience in applying for residencies and juried exhibitions, presenting work in an exhibition, writing a press release, creating an exhibition card, and curatorial text, and organizing a public reception. They learn how to create proposals for grants, art commissions, exhibitions, and self-created residencies, and how to seek out and research opportunities in the field through use of the web, professional organizations, publications and periodicals. Students gain an understanding of the business aspects of sculpture including promotion, contracts, issues of self-employment, and artists’ rights. Students establish confidence in one’s ability to develop and present personal work.