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NM 326 Special Topics: Game & Concept Art

This course will focus on concepts, theories, and best practices for how to efficiently produce artwork for video games.  The course will be centered on art production for 3d games/worlds, but will also touch upon 2d in the form of painting textures for 3d models and concept drawing.  Over the semester, students will be tasked with designing, modeling, and texturing a variety of objects ranging from simple props to a character.  The final project will be to collaborate as a class to create a cohesive, interesting environment.  Elective: 3 credits/semester, 6 hours/week.    Prerequisites: FN 245 or permission of instructor.

NM 150 Introduction to New Media: Interactivity

Two broad fields of interactivity will be introduced in this course. First, students will use a simple 2D Game Framework to create experimental works that explore the structure and rules of game genres such as plat formers, shooters, puzzles, etc. During this segment of the course students will create their own mini-game or games. Students will then experiment with the use of sensors and control blocks to create physical interfaces for triggering and controlling events on and off the computer screen. This second focus will be on the field of physical interaction. By using cameras, and simple sensors students will create works that explore installation and physical interface.  Elective: 3 credits/semester, 6 hours/week.  No prerequisite.  

NM 231 Site of Sound

Sight/site and sound exist simultaneously as both a social presence and a private experience. This course explores the reciprocity between ears and eyes, between sound and image, and how listening as a practice, and as a perceptual state, determines the parameters of locating the self. Students examine sound as a material with basic structural properties that may be manipulated. The practical applications of sound equipment, techniques, and theory are introduced. Elective: 3 credits / semester; 6 hours/week. Prerequisite: FN 101 and sophomore standing.

NM 245 Introduction to 3D Modeling & Animation

This class will explore the basics of computer based 3D modeling and animation. Students will plan, build, paint, texture, rig, light, animate, and render three-dimensional models and environments. A general overview of the integration of 3D output in print, video, VRML, and games will be provided. This course will use MAYA as its core software.  Elective: 3 credits/semester, 6 hours/week.  Prerequisites: FN 101.


NM 301 Character Animatio

This class will focus on the process of planning and creating character-based 2d animation.  Students will learn the classic principles of animation and learn how those evolved over the last century as they grow their own ability to create animation that is both engaging and believable.  The course will use Adobe Flash as it’s primary software, but students will also see how the core concepts of animation translate to 3d with the use of Autodesk Maya. Elective: 3 credits/semester, 6 hours/week.  Prerequisites: FN 101.

NM 321-322 Media & Context - Majors Studio

This course explores the poetics of media-based art. Students develop a body of work specific to their area of interest, building their physical and verbal vocabularies around the making and critiquing of new media art works. The emphasis is equally divided between the act of the making and speaking about that making. This course focuses on the expression of students’ ideas through the modality of media rather than on the technical specifics of the media itself. Through discussions, critiques and studio work, importance is placed not only on the creation of professional caliber media art works but also on the documentation and (re) presentation of that work for promotional purposes. Student papers and presentations examine through the work of other contemporary and/or historical media artists. Major requirement: 3 credits/semester; 6 hours/week. Prerequisites: FN or NM101 and FN 202 or NM102.

NM 336 Designing Mobile Experience – Game Design

Developing a successful mobile app or game is about designing a unique and remarkable user experience.  This requires you to understand how humans process interaction, what generally motivates them, and what compels them to stay engaged with an interactive object. The course will begin with learning about the fundamental elements of interactivity, and move onto brainstorming, design, and prototyping your own app or game. Elective: 3 credits/semester, 6 hours/week.  Prerequisites: FN 101.