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Students who have successfully completed the two-year Foundation Program share a common vocabulary of principles of design in two and three dimensions. They are experienced examiners of visual forms, and can articulate interactions of figure/ground, interval, scale and texture, and how these qualities affect perception and form. Students acquire an applied understanding and vocabulary of color characteristics of hue, value, saturation, and temperature. They understand how craft impacts the effectiveness of work.

Students who have completed Foundation have experience working with both additive and subtractive materials to fabricate three-dimensional objects, have mastered basic drawing skills with a range of materials, and are familiar with basic woodworking techniques and safety practices.

Students have developed the fundamentals of critical analysis, brainstorming, and transferability of concepts across disciplines and mediums. They understand the link between form and content, and material and content.

Students develop the ability to see a project through stages of design and idea development, and appreciate the importance of appropriate presentation. They demonstrate strengthened focus, discipline, persistence, and patience. Upon the completion of the second year, students have acquired the fundamentals necessary to declare a major.