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ART SALE:  October 8-11, 2014
MECA's Artists at Work Space

Please join us for MECA's 2014 Fall Art Sale

featuring the work of MECA faculty, students,

alumni, and others.

List of Participating Artists

Collect is a chance to discover emerging artists, view new work by established artists, and build your own collection while supporting MECA's scholarship fund and participating artists.  The art sale will feature a unique, diverse and unexpected array of work in a variety of genres with a range of sizes, prices and media, including original furniture, sculpture, jewelry, paintings, prints, photography, textiles, drawings, and more.

Admission is free.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Invitational Preview , 6-9pm

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Open to Public, 10am-8pm

Friday, October 10, 2014

Open to Public, 10am-8pm

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Open to Public, 10am-8pm

Interview with Development Officer Dietlind Vander Schaaf about the Art Sale


Further information available at or 207-775-5098.

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Over 200 artists are participating
in this year's sale. 

Items include jewelry, textiles, prints, furniture, paintings, sculpture,
ceramics, drawings, and more.   Preview some of the work on our
Facebook Events Page.

Artists set the prices, with 50% commission and full donation options.
Proceeds benefit MECA's Scholarship Fund and the individual artists.

Richard Abbot '78
Angela Adams
Lydia Andersen '13
Ian Anderson
Leslie Anderson
Meagan Anderson '09
Isak Applin '98

Bruce Armstrong '79

Katharine Ayer '98
Judy Babin '98

Marian Baker
Sylvia Bangs '58

Melinda Barnes
Susan, Bartlett Rice

Cat Bates '09

Kevin Beane '80
Shana Belknap '91
Chris Beneman

Eve Bennett '00
Taylor French Benoit '14,
Dyan Berk

Don Best '79
Maya Best '85
Jess Beyler '82,
Marilyn Blinkhorn
Shayna Blumert '13
Kathleen Boldt '78
Paul Bonneau
Renée Bouchard '99
John Bowdren
Patricia Brace '06
Lucy Breslin,
Stephani Briggs '81
Maeve Broome '08,
Anne Buckwalter '12
Kimberly Burke
Danielle Byrd,
Chaya Caron '99
Brandy Clapper '08
Lucia Connelly '72
Russ, Cox
Chad Creighton '12
Diane Dahlke
Jill Dalton '99
Betsy Dawkins
Neutrino Designs
Ann Deutsch '86
Mari Dieumegard '97
Lisa Dombek '98
Peter, Dore '16
David Doyle
Cooper Dragonette
Katelyn Drake 15
Heather Dawn Driscoll '02
Michel Droge MFA '10,
Marianne DuBois
Nicole Duennebier '05
Bridget Dunigan '12
Stanislaus Dyro '81
Ashley Earl '09
Rachael Eastman '94
Judith Allen-Efstathiou
Betsy Elliman
Erin McGee Ferrell
Jodi Ferry '14
Michael Fillyaw
Arthur Fink
Kristin Fitzpatrick '13
Joan Freiman
Russell French '83
Robbi Fritz Portela '87
Laura Fuller '92
Kathleen Galligan
Theresa Gannett '13
Lisa Gent
Linda Gerson
Tracy Ginn '82
Eric Glass '80
Kenyon Grant '12
Julie Gray '12
Sara Gray
Daniel Grenier
Lindsay Hancock
Katherine Harman Harding
Ralph Harding
Kendra Haskell '89
Andrew Haviland '12
Barbara Hawes '78
Connie Hayes '80
David Heilner
Elisabeth Heller '09
Peyton Higgison '79
Jamie Hogan
Ayumi Horie
Claudia Hughes
Erin Hutton '98
Matt Hutton
Peter Hyde '14
Anne Ireland '94
Hilary Irons
Tammy Jackson '02
Mark Johnson
Judy Kane
Kate Katomski '02
Wendy Kaye
Mary Kearns '98
Justin Kirchoff
Serit Kotowski '81
Maya Kuvaja 97
Patty Lage
Jenny LaMacchia Campbell
Jeffrey Langlais '04
Nancy Larsen
Marguerite Lawler
Lenora Leibowitz '81
Margaret Leonard '82
Genevieve Levin '97
Rob Licht '84
Megan Lloyd
Judith Logan
Paula London '99
Fan Luo
Honour Mack
Sandy Macleod
Adam Manley
Mark Marchesi '99
Tracy Mastro '91
Margareta "Meta" McDonald
Betsy McLellan
Naomi McNeill '08,
Lyn Means
Richard Metz MFA '00
Michelle Michaud '09
Rachel Michaud '81
Caren-Marie Michel '78
Scott Moore '78
Leeanna Morrris '14
Denyse Murphy '00
John Nelson '12
Vanessa Nesvig
Shirah Neumann MFA '12
Emily Norton '07
Tessa O'Brien MFA '16
Shannon O'Connor '14
Judy O'Donnell
Brenda Overstrom
Christopher Patch '98
Maureen Patrick '11
Rhonda Pearle
Sarah Perea-Kane
Amertah Perman
Nikki Pilgrim '07
Pat Plourde '76
Eric Pomorski '07
Elizabeth Prior '82
Kari Radasch '97
Andrea Raynor '92
Holly Ready '94
Maria Reali
Elizabeth Reid '05
Tim Reimensnyder '84
Christina Replogle
Michele Ridgeway MFA '14
Mary Rodgers '11
Hannah Rosengren '13
Joe Rosshirt '11
Gergana Rupchina '98
Abbeth Russell '12
Mary Russell
Morgan Sayer '98
Jenny Scheu
Debbie Schmitt '06
Judith Schneider MFA '14
Francine Schrock '91
Rebecca Shelly '04
Stacey Sherman '08

Nisa Smiley '00
Polly Smith
Tremain Smith
Shelley Snodgrass '91
Maia Snow '13
Gail Spaien
Allie Stack '16
Molly Steinmetz '14
Phil Stevens '91
Priscilla Stevens '81
Mike Stiler
Piper Strong '86
Anne Strout
Kat Taylor '82
Jan Ter Weele
John Tewhey
Sam Thompson '13
Kerry Tomczyk '02
Sage Tucker-ketcham '03
Susan Tureen '96
Dietlind Vander Schaaf
Cecilia Vazquez '15
Michael E. Vermette, '80
Annie Wadleigh
Kathy Wagner
Angela Warren MFA '11
Diana Washburn
Nora West
Lucinda White
Shoshannah White
Nathan Willever '11
Sarah Camille Wilson '07
Kate Winn
Charles Yoder
Nicholas Zalisk '07
Robert Zechel






One to five works in any media priced by the artists will be sold to benefit MECA's Scholarship Fund, with 50% commission or full donation options.

Participation is open to:

  • BFA Juniors and Seniors
  • ArtEd and MFA students
  • MECA alumni
  • MECA current and former faculty
  • MECA staff
  • Continuing Studies students enrolled between January 1, 2013 to current.
  • Artists who participated in the MECA Art Auctions 2008-2011
  • MECA Visiting Artists
  • MECA Residency Participants

Art Sale, Drop-Off and Pick-Up all take place at 
MECA's Artists at Work space
522 Congress St, Portland, ME 04101

Important Dates for Contributing Artists:

Deadline to Register Art Work
September 19, 2014

Artwork Drop-off Date
Thursday, October 2, 2014, 8am-6pm
Saturday, October 4, 2014 10am-4pm

Art Sale, October 8-11, 201
Thursday,October 9, 2014, 10am-8pm
Friday, October 10, 2014, 10am-8pm
Friday, October 10, 2014, 6-8pm (Artists Reception)
Saturday, October 11, 2014, 10am-8pm

Pick-up Unsold Work
Sunday, October 12, 2014, Noon-5pm
Monday, October 13, 2014, Noon-6pm


Work that does not follow these guidelines will not be accepted.

  • Each artist may enter up to FIVE PIECES in any media. Due to space limitations, work over six feet in any direction cannot be accepted.
  • Each artist must submit a signed Artwork Release Form at drop-off.
  • Artwork that has not been pre-registered will not be accepted. Early registration is highly encouraged due to volume.
  • Work must be dropped-off during the posted drop-off times. No exceptions.
  • Maine College of Art reserves the right to refuse any work that is damaged, deemed too fragile or hazardous to display, or is too large to properly store.  Due to space limitations, work over six feet in any direction cannot be accepted. Work intended for hanging must be properly framed and wired.
  • Work not picked up by 5pm on October 31, may be considered the property of Maine College of Art.


  • MECA  is allowing artists to ship their work for inclusion in the 2014 Art Sale.  All artists who ship must follow the guidelines stated below.  Any work that does not adhere to the guidelines will not be accepted.
  • Only deliveries through FedEx and UPS will be accepted.
  • The shipper is responsible for shipping fees.  FedEx ( offers a service through which you can create and print a return label, with no charges assessed until the label is used.  UPS offers a similar service ( through which a prepaid return label is good for 100 days.
  • It is the shipper’s responsibility to make sure the item is correctly packed with sufficient insurance.  Each shipment must include appropriate unpacking and handling instructions.  MECA will not be held responsible for insufficiently insured items which arrive damaged either to or from MECA.
  • Work must be received by MECA between October 2-October 4 , 2014 ONLY:

Shipping Address:

MECA Art Sale
Maine College of Art
522 Congress St
Portland, ME 04101

Artwork Release Form

Each artist must sign an Artwork Release Form at the drop-off. If you are having a third party drop off your work, or are shipping your work, we will email the form to you in advance or you can print it out below.


If you have additional questions, contact us at or 207-775-5098.

Preparing Your Work

Because work will be moved and may be restocked throughout the four days of the sale, you must review the following guidelines for preparation. Although we cannot accept work that is overly fragile, surfaces may be covered with clear plastic. We must be able to see the work clearly at all times in order to display it.


  • We encourage you to have your work professionally shrink-wrapped or enclosed in a clear, sealed plastic sleeve.
  • Foam core or card stock should be used as backing.


  • We cannot accept clip frames — all wall-hanging work needs to be appropriately wired.  


  • Please provide specific instructions for any work that may require special installation.


What work should I submit?
We highly encourage you to submit your most recent and best work.  MECA accepts all media with the exception of extremely fragile work, as noted in the guidelines. All work intended for hanging must be properly framed and/or wired. All work, such as oil paintings, must be dry.

How do I price my work?
All works are priced by the artist. Please contact us if you would like assistance with pricing and/or visit How to Price Art from or How to Price Your Art from Found Myself Art.

What if I am currently represented by a gallery?
It is the responsibility of the artist to work with any galleries who represent you regarding their rules for participation in additional art sales.  

What if I can't make it to the drop-off/pick-up days?
Artists are allowed to have someone else drop off and pick up their work. You or your drop-off person must bring the Artwork Release Form. Please note that a social security number or valid tax ID number is required on all Artwork Release Forms, without which MECA cannot process payment. Works will not be allowed to be dropped off without an Artwork Release Form.  

How do I know if my work has sold?
Unfortunately we do not have the capacity to contact each artist with the results of the sale.  We will email you immediately after the sale if you DO NOT need to pick up any unsold work.  If you DO NOT receive an email from us, plan to pick up work during the scheduled pick-up times.

When should I expect my check?
You should expect to receive a check approximately 30 days after the pick up period ends. All checks will be mailed to the address provided on your Participation Form.

Do I have to pay taxes on what I sell?
By participating in the Maine College of Art sale, you are offering your work on a fee basis rather than as an employee of MECA.  All artists are obligated to pay all income, social security, Medicare and any other statutory-mandated taxes required by Federal and State laws that apply to the self-employed for any amount paid to them for the sale of their work.

Is my donation tax deductible?
Maine College of Art is a (501) (C3) nonprofit organization and therefore your contribution may be tax deductible. Please note that the IRS laws governing artists donating art are complex regarding how to determine the value of the deduction.  Please always consult your tax advisor first if you have questions about your own personal tax situation.


 We are grateful to the following businesses for their vital support: 










Petruccelli, Martin & Haddow, LLP