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Master of Arts in Teaching

The Master of Arts in Teaching Program at MECA is an accredited, ten-month program that blends the worlds of artist, educator and scholar. Through an experiential exploration of theories of artistic development and educational practice, students gain an in-depth, comprehensive understanding of how artistic and educational skills intersect. Our courses reflect the most progressive approaches in the field.

Here at MECA we respect and value educators; we offer you the opportunity to work collaboratively with artists, community leaders, museum and art educators to develop a uniquely personal philosophy and practice of teaching, one in which you will be involved in service learning, community art and teaching in public, private and alternative K-12 schools. The program places a critical focus on contemporary visual culture, traditional arts and multicultural education. Preparing students to become effective artist-teacher-scholars is the aim of MECA’s art education program.

The MAT is divided into three phases: a one-month summer intensive where three theory-based courses are taught in an institute-like setting with field experiences beginning on the very first day; a fall semester of courses that include teaching methods, curriculum building, work in alternative settings and a consideration of how to manage a classroom for all students; the spring semester culminates with a 12 week student teaching experience that is enhanced by an action research seminar.

While in the program, you will:

• apply your artistic creativity to inspire PK-12 students

• continue your work as an artist

• acquire the skills and dispositions needed to form your own educational philosophy to be successful with a culturally and economically diverse group of students

• work with children and youth in alternative settings such as The Telling Room, LearningWorks, Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital, SPACE Gallery, the Institute for Contemporary Art and the Portland Museum of Art

Successful completion of the program prepares teacher candidates to apply for certification in the State of Maine and with participating states and provinces who have signed interstate agreements.   

Our priority application deadline is March 1, 2015.

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Mission: to offer students the opportunity to work collaboratively with artists, community leaders, and museum and art educators to develop a uniquely personal philosophy and practice of teaching, one in which each student is involved in service learning, community art, and teaching in public, private, and alternative schools.

The Art Education program at MECA emphasizes experiential learning. Our connections with the Greater Portland community of public and private schools, galleries, professional artists, school administrators, and K -12 art educators, coupled with MECA’s own resources--a vibrant visiting artist’s program, the Joanne Waxman Library, and the Institute of Contemporary Art--make our program an exceptional pathway to a teaching career in the arts.

Our small class size and dedicated faculty form a close-knit community where students receive individualized attention and peer support to pursue their professional goals in personally meaningful, creative, engaging, and self-directed study.

The demanding schedule encompasses varied teaching opportunities to explore, experiment and develop an understanding of the best contemporary practices in art education. Students work collaboratively with faculty to develop art experiences for diverse populations.


Conceptual Framework Overview



Become an art educator in a place that offers an exceptional program for artists who wish to teach. MECA’s 10-month program in Art Education (MAT) prepares you to apply for certification in all the states and Canadian provinces that participate in the Interstate Teaching Compact. The Art Ed (MAT) program includes student teaching and classes in community based collaborative art and museum education—as well as education theory, history and methods.

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Classes for the 2015-2016 academic year will begin with an orientation on July 31, 2015.


2015-2016 Academic Year Fees

  Semester Year
Tuition $9,155 $18,310
College Service $90 $180
Lab $50 $100
Mandatory Health Insurance  - $1950 (est)
Trasnscript (one-time charge) - $50

How to Apply

Art Education (MAT) Application [PDF]

Students who withdraw from the college during a semester may be eligible for a refund. A refund is a reduction in the original tuition and housing charges, rather than a portion of the amount already paid to the college. The withdrawal date is established by the receipt of a written withdrawal notice by the Registrar's Office. 

  Fall Spring    Percentage of Refund                         
Withdraw by                       7.31.15 1.02.16                     100%  
Exit form filed by        8.10.15 1.11.16  75%  
Exit form filed by  8.17.15 1.19.16  40%  
No refund after 8.17.15 1.19.16  0%