Alumni Council

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The MECA Alumni Council is a leadership group meant to help enhance the connection between the college and its alumni.  The council seeks to identify paths of engagement for alumni and provide support for the work of the Alumni Relations Coordinator.


  • Includes both BFA and MFA degree holding alumni.
  • Council maintains a diversity of membership: range of recent alumni to senior alumni from a wide range of majors.
  • Find representatives in highly populated areas
  • New membership based on nomination, then selection by Alumni Coordinator and VP of Advancement
  • Tenure-dependant upon meetings and attendance
  • Council members from out of town may participate via web or telephone conference meetings

Structure: A council of 12 selected alumni will meet 4 times per year.


  • One or Two-year time commitment.
  • Attend quarterly Alumni Council meetings.
  • Chair one volunteer committee.
  • Attend alumni events as able.
  • Participate in the Annual Giving program.


  • Dates will be set in advance for four yearly meetings
  • Meetings are 5 hours in length with a meal break and time for socializing included
  • Council meetings dates will be linked to events at the college such as the Auction, MECAmorphosis, etc.


  • Governance Committee develop and revise Alumni Council rules, principles, leadership roles
  • Fundraising Committee: Phoneathon, Art Honors, Art Auction, class giving programs
  • Career Development Committee: Holiday Sale, workshops, internships, networking, Alumni Biennial
  • Communications and Outreach: write blogs and articles, assist with Untitled, Senior party, finding lost alumni, recent alumni networking, alumni social event


  • Non-graduated alumni may participate on Committees, but may not serve as Council members


  • Add a representative to the Board of Trustees as a speaker for the Alumni Council

Notes for members

  • Council members who travel to meetings may write off travel costs as a tax deduction
  • Council members who travel to meetings can possibly stay in residence halls